Rummage-A-Rama! does a LOT of marketing to bring traffic to our shows, from truck billboards to radio ads, postcards to local newspapers.  In addition to these methods, a very vital component of our promotion is social media and other online marketing.


Several vendors have taken note of this and used the existing online marketing of Rummage-A-Rama! as a way of promoting their booth at the show or used social media independently to promote their presence at the market. If this sounds like something you might want to try, here are ten terrific ideas to drive additional traffic to your booth:

1) Craigslist allows you to place free classified ads under various merchandise categories with up to 24 pictures per post. Potential customers who are looking for your goods can now easily see what you’ll be bringing to the market.


2) If you use Twitter to tweet about your business, add our hashtag #rummagearama to your posts to let your followers know that they can find you here.


3) Invite your Facebook friends and business page followers to our January Rummage-A-Rama! market. The “Share” button under the banner picture allows you to post a link to the event on your Facebook wall or directly invite individuals to the show.


4) Link to our website in your blog.


5) Etsy sellers, use Etsy Local to promote that your shop will have a booth at February’s Rummage-A-Rama! market.  An entry already exists for our February market (as well as an entry for our March event) and you may add your shop to the vendor list after you’ve opened the applicable event. A link to Etsy Local will then be added to your shop page automatically, just beneath your shop description.

6) If you have your own online shop, offer pickup of purchases at the show for local customers as a promotion. It will save delivery charges for them, let them see your merchandise “live” (which could lead to order add-ons), and allow you to build a face-to-face rapport with your customers.


7) Do you send direct email broadcasts to your customer mailing list, either independently or using a service like MailChimp? Don’t forget to mention that you’ll be vending at Rummage-A-Rama! in these emails.


8) Instagram allows you to post limitless pictures of your merchandise with descriptions, which will then be shared with your followers and the userbase as a whole. Additionally, you can tag the images with numerous key words to allow fellow users to find your products in a search. Adding the tag #rummagearama will alert users that you’re a seller at the market.


9) Post directly to our Facebook Page that you’ll be vending at the market, what specials you may be having, or other relevant information.  The three most recent posts will be visible in a feed to the left of Rummage-A-Rama!’s wall posts.


10) If you have a LinkedIn account related to your business, don’t forget to post an update that you’ll be vending at Rummage-A-Rama!’s February market.

If you have any questions, or other great advertising ideas, please let us know!